At Carlton Wellness Center, we have purchased state-of-the-art equipment for track your progress online and even share on your social media channels!


  • The treadmills come with Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) (trademarked) which matches the natural changes in foot speed from your stride.
  • New and improved shock absorption system provides progressive cushioning throughout your workout. This reduces the amount of impact force by up to 44% compared to road running.

Cardio Machines

  • Our cardio machines let you climb, cycle, jog & run without having to change equipment
  • Workout smarter, not harder!

Expresso Upright Bike

  • Resistance-30 Gears, & automatically adjusts to the grade on screen
  • 43 different tours from 1-20 miles, chase game, adjustable pacer, group rides, ghost challenges, live leader boards!

Expresso HD Recumbent Bike

  • Lifelike Steering, shifting, and Resistance Action: The bike reacts to each ride program as it would in the real world, allowing you to shift (there are 30 gears) and steer. Resistance also adjusts automatically to the terrain on the screen.
  • 43 Virtual Tour Options: You can choose anything from a 1-mile speed track to a challenging 20-mile mountain climb. With over 40 rides programmed in, boredom is not quick to set in.

Half Squad and Strength Additions

  • The Half Squad will be like a magnet for anyone who wants to develop strength, power, muscular endurance and all-round physical performance.